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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Entering hustle mode...

That money thang can sho get a sista down. If and when I let it, though.

I cried over money woes a lot when I was in college. A LOT! Times were hard and I never wanted to ask my parents for money. Even though they had it. I would literally struggle like mad because I thought I was such a grown-up and wanted to be on my own. I have sense learned that being too proud is not a good thing. Sometimes people really want to help you and blocking that is blocking a blessing. I hit rock bottom before I learned that lesson.

I have so many business expenses right now. I used to complain about it a lot. But what you reap, you sow, right? I need a business loan. But I won't go that far. Yet.

I am now in hustle mode and prepping up for Clumps the business, a huge move, conferences and only God knows what else. My funds are tapped out but I'm going to make this happen by having a little faith and being extremely destitute for the next few months. That means no traveling. No buying things I don't need. No eating out---not that I do that a lot anyway.

....I don't know how I'm going to survive without traveling. The thought of being at home EVERY weekend depresses me. But I suppose it will give me the opportunity to really clean up, maximize my weekend work-out/runs. I may even spend a few dollars on a used bike and ride it on the weekends.

So I'm really trying HARD not to stress about this "low money" thang. I'm going to do what I can and hope I have enough to do what I really need to do.

Here we go....

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