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Friday, January 1, 2010

Bringin' in 2010...

Happy New Year! I'm so blessed. I spent mine in some beautiful lounge in Tribeca surrounded around beautiful people. We were all given a champagne glass and danced until the countdown.

And then the countdown began..


10 years ago I was fifteen. A child, a baby...


'09 is a year I'll never forget. Purchased. My first car. Incorporated my first business. Paid my taxes. Traveled to more places and states than ever before.


The approximate number of serious cries I had that year. I'm talkin' "defeated cries". The cries that made me want to give up.




The approximate number of stupid decisions I've made. Business ventures done wrong, allowing the wrong people in my life, money and time wasted...



The approximate number of new states I WILL visit. This includes Nevada, Texas and Colorado.



The number of chances I have. The number of lives I have. I am not Mario with 4 lives to spare. I am on one journey. I cannot quit or give up. I will, I can and I better.

Happy New Year!!!!

I clinked glasses, I hugged friends and strangers and I partied in the city that I knew would be my home in a matter of months. I prayed and thanked God for another year. I thanked him for my health and strength and for putting so many wonderful people in my life. A best friend that looks out for me in so many ways. A guy friend that showers me with enough love and attention that I very rarely get the "single blues". A Mom that continues to be my rock. Sisters that motivate me. A Dad that has issues but I know loves me. Older friends that mentor me. College friends that keep me young. High school friends that STILL have my back. Clumps/blogger friends that inspire me in soooo many ways. Clumps of My dream, my passion, my business, my love. It, like myself, will only get better in 2010.
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  1. Happy New Year!! You deserve an amazing one!

  2. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!
    A belated toast to you. :-)