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Monday, February 1, 2010

Gifts and Two Months Time

A reader once asked me if I could tell her where I got the little book of quotes from.

"What quotes?" I asked her.

"The quotes that you post on Twitter. Some of them are so inspiring and I would love to pass them on to friends."

"Oh," I replied. "Those don't come from a book. I just come up with them."

"No way....." she says.

The little quotes that I tweet often come to me without warning. I don't sit around and ponder about what inspiring words I could say to others. These thoughts flow from my head to my fingertips. It really is that simple.

I am loving 2010 because now more than ever I am realizing that I need to recognize my gifts and use them effectively. Sheer observance of this sends me back to a chair in Border's Bookstore. Back when I was unemployed and depressed. Faithful but stressed. Every morning I would wake up at 7am. I  had nowhere to go but I would put on business attire and head to the bookstore to look for jobs. I would read the dictionary. Read Black literature. I would cry in the bathroom and read my Bible afterward. I felt so low. I felt worthless. Like a loser. With no direction.

God is funny, I tell you. I spent all of that time trying to figure out where I should go. What I would do. And what talent of mine would take me there.  It was with me the entire time. My gift. Writing. It was there and I didn't know it.

Now I know. And I wake up every morning inspired and motivated to write. I write something every day. It's like breathing. Like praying. Like working out. I can't NOT do it.

I am so grateful for faith. Even when I am down...I'm not there for long.

I have two months. Two months to find a new place to live. Two months to find a job. Two months to jump start my career. I suppose I am already doing the latter but it's not in the area that I want to be. I have two months to make it happen.

Two months to train and run a 5K.
Two months to pack up my apartment and move elsewhere.
Two months to revamp my resume, build a professional media kit and apply to jobs.
Two months to network.
Two months to make sacrifices.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. Or afraid. I wish I had my Mom around. I wish my closest friends were closer. I wish I had more money. And more time. I wish I had a man to help me move out of my place. To support me. To work-out with me and to help me.

But I don't. And despite that, I don't feel alone. God has got my back.

So....*deep breath*

Here goes!