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Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Blues

The high that is weekend relaxation, entertainment and joy collides with the low that is working an un-fulfilling 8-5. It's almost depressing and I wonder how I've managed to do it for so long.

I spent the weekend on cloud 9. I met my goddaughter and fell in love with her. I watched my friend's eyes sparkle as she held her newborn. I had a girl's night in with one of my greatest friends. We had an amazing Valentine's Day (or Black Love Day as she calls it). I received the best hug from a stranger. I was on my knees for quite some time last night. Just thanking God. For everything. I slid into bed with happiness.

I don't even feel like that person anymore. I'm irritable and annoyed. I'm sure a hellish migraine will accompany me later. I just feel like I'm due for one. The sun is shining through my office blinds and as much as I love the sun, it is pissing me off. It's a reminder of how I can't enjoy the beautiful weather. Every time the work phone rings, I want to ignore it or slam it on the ground.

I feel like I need a permanent vacay. From working. But I guess the other end of that is unemployment. And Lord knows I've been there before. Can my life hurry up and cooperate with me so I can work for myself full time now?

The Monday Blues are so real.
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